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Training Services

We intend to train all the technical, administrative and labor staff necessary to implement a project that the company is implementing. It specializes in long-term national projects, which require a managerial and technical work group in large numbers and high competencies, as one of the company's main objectives is to build communities, Unemployment and sustainable development. Therefore,  one of the most important services of the company is the preparation of specialized training courses in all projects implemented by the company in any country to enable the people of the country to implement the project without relying on any employment from another country, Social activities that the company seeks to achieve along with the economic and developmental goals:

Examples of these training programs:

Training programs for Smart Buildings Project:

  • Training program in the foundations of smart buildings
  • Training program in smart building installations
  • Training program in smart building packaging
  • Training program in the management of Smart Buildings Project (Assistant Project Manager - Workers Supervisor)

Training programs for  Forest Forest Project:

  • Training program in preparing forests for agriculture
  • Training program in the cultivation of forests in the Paulonia tree
  • Training program in the care of the Paulonia tree until harvested after five years
  • Training program in the establishment of projects attached to forest trees such as poultry and feed